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Sanjin Watermelon Frost Lozenges for Dry Throat 2.5g

Sanjin Watermelon Frost Lozenges for Dry Throat 2.5g

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As a traditional Chinese medicine expert of China, Mr. Zhou Jieming, on the basis of ancient prescription, integration of the good points of ancient prescription, secret prescription and proved effective rescription, thirty years' clinical pharmaceutical experience, has improved and created the new generation oral cavity and throat panacea ---- Sanjin watermelon Frost which is also on the basis of the exclusive approved Compound Watermelon Frost (has been sold in overseas market for 30 years) of "Guifeng" brand and "Elephant Hill" brand in P.R of China. Sanjin watermelon Frost contains necessary 18 amino acidsand 8 micro elements for human body, makes its curative effect and quality improve markedly, makes the treasure of Traditional Chinese Medicine ----ancient watermelon frost bloom, and display extraordinary splendor again. *These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration-This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

  • Clearing voice, moistening throat, dispersing swelling and checking pains
  • It is used in treating swollen throat, hoarse voice, numb larynx, larynx ulcers, ulcers of the mouth, tongue and gums.
  • Acute and chronic pharyngitis, tonsillitis, inflammation of the oral cavity, painful and swollen gums can be treated
  • 2.5g per box
  • Product of China Guilin Sanjin Pharmaceutical Co LTD


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