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Prince Of Peace American Ginseng Root Tea

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Prince of peace American ginseng root tea (panax quinquefolius) has been carefully selected, processed and packaged for your enjoyment from what is prized as one of the highest valued ginsengs in the world. This ancient but still sought after natural gift to mankind has long been treasured and safely consumed by millions throughout the world for its exclusive properties-the rb ginsenosides, for example, are double the potency compared to Korean ginseng. Prince of peace offers a complete line of teas. Please also try our American ginseng root tea with honey, American ginseng green tea, American ginseng root tea with jasmine, American ginseng root tea with chrysanthemum and American ginseng tea with rose hips. All products contain only pure natural ingredients of the best quality for the health and well being of mankind. The purity, potency, quality and freshness are guaranteed to adhere to our stringent quality standards.

  • Made in united states


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